storage cement structure mobile silo steel silo

Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel SiloBasci configuration and parametersStorage silo Volume27 m3 ,35tWeight5400KGSPower23 KWThicknessStronger Corrugated board design4mm, bottom 5mmLoading workBuilt-in pipe,Cement is distributed evenly  in siloStructure StrengthenReinforcing bars insideTransport sizein 40ft HQ

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Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel Silo

Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel Silo
Basci configuration and parameters

Storage silo
Volume27 m3 ,35t
Power23 KW
ThicknessStronger Corrugated board design
4mm, bottom 5mm
Loading workBuilt-in pipe,
Cement is distributed evenly  in silo
Structure StrengthenReinforcing bars inside
Transport sizein 40ft HQ container
Control SystemSchneider Electric parts

Details of every part
Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel Silo

1.    Electric Air plug, fast connect and anti-rain
2.    Mostly electric cable are hidden in wire tube, the control box is locked if don't work. To ensure the safety of electricity
3.    Safety logo in may danger place.
4.    Emergency stop for electric parts.
5.    Connect ground line
6.    Pressure relief valve - balance pressure in silo
7.    Dust collector, balance air in / out silo.

Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel Silo

Different Kinds of Cement Silo
1) Contianer Cement Silo, container size
2) Mobile Cement Silo, With wheels
3) Bolted Silo, big cement silo, from 50t capacity to 1000t capacity
4) Frame Cement Silo, Shipping in container.
5) Stackable Silo. container size, Stackable like general container.
6) Big bag silo. Suitable for big bag cement.
Terminal Silos
A variety or our fully portable Silos that can be used for temporary storage of bulk materials. Our fully portable load-out terminals! These silos are designed to be used as quick setup terminals for the distribution of bulk products ie. (cement, fly ash, etc.). Typically these terminals can be setup in a few hours, store between 30 to 500 tons of product and load a truck in 10 to 20 minutes.

Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel Silo
Horizontal cement silo designed for easy flowing materials such as portland cement with a bulk density of 1.13 tonnes/M³.

As standard the silo system is mounted on a common flat rack hook container frame. Alternatively, we can deliver the silo system mounted on a bogie or on a flat rack trailer.

The horizontal cement silos are delivered complete with silo equipment, external moto vibrators, air pads, cement augers, self-cleaning filter and control unit.

Our horizontal cement silo is idea for mobile batching plant when the silo is supplied on a bogie. The batching plant can be set up and be producing concrete with a few hours.

Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel Silo

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Storage Cement Structure Mobile Silo Steel Silo


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