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ECOGRACE Advanced Production Equipment for Dedusting Systems Manufacturing Standing on our strong integral solution design power, ECOGRACE' s rich manufacturing expertise guarantees the best workmanship of the whole silo system. The bolt steel plate production line is imported assuring bolt plates high precision

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ECOGRACE Advanced Production Equipment for Dedusting Systems Manufacturing

Standing on our strong integral solution design power, ECOGRACE' s rich manufacturing expertise guarantees the best workmanship of the whole silo system. The bolt steel plate production line is imported assuring bolt plates high precision and max sealing bolt connection. Advanced lathe workshop.  (silo bag filters for dust collector)
PPC gas tank pulse bag filter is using separate dust cleaning in every chamber by isolation. The every chamber of the pulse and soot cleaning cycle is by soot cleaning program controller. So it can ensure the compressed air soot cleaning effect. Air tank pulse bag filter has the filter bag number in 32, 64, 96, 128 bags per room. 
PPC air tank pulse bag filter is to meet more customer needs deal the large quantity, high concentration of dust powder. On the basis of the type FPPC filter, the PPC one increasing soot cleaning strength, improve the efficiency of dust removal.  At the same time, it expands the application range of bag filter. The filter is mainly used for crusher, dryer, coal mill, raw meal grinding, cement mill dust removal equipment, building materials industry such as packaging machine, also it can be used as metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, papermaking industry and other industrial and mining enterprises of dust collection and dust collecting.
Five Technology Comprehensive Upgrade: 
1. Gas wind inlet and outlet more uniform distribution:
Expand the filter body up and down volume to reduce the resistance, the structure of bag filter makes the flow more smoothly, gently and evenly. Increase the working life of filter bag media. 
2. Soot cleaning more thoroughly:
Adopting international advanced offline three soot cleaning way (filtration, dust, static), avoid dust "adsorption" again.
3. Design more flexible:
It can increase the settling chamber design according to the working condition of demand. More extends the service life of filter bags, dust concentration can as high as 1000 g/Nm3.
4. More convenient to control:
The PLC program controller, or smart controller instrument control the blowing, slag discharge, etc.  In the same time, it can adjust by timing or by manually. The most guarantees the ash removal effect. 
Timing: set a time program, automatically clear dust room by room;
Manual instructions: adopt the automatic control in normal working conditions. When a single room failure, it can random manual control switch.
5. More lower cost:
Chamber blowing ash removal: a pulse valve can blow one room (the amount of filter bag 32, 64, 96pcs per room). Compared with ordinary filter injection, it decrease the number of pulse valve 6 to 20 times.
PPC series pulse bag filters are composed by the upper box, middle box, hopper box and ladder, platform, storage tanks, pulse valve, dragon frame, screw conveyor, discharge valve, electrical control cabinet, air compressor, etc. All parts are made according to the national standards. The wiring terminal location set according to the requirements of customers.
Dust collection box include: filter bag chamber, dust subside chamber, clean air chamber, perforated plate, filter bag, and filter cages. The design of bag filter will be the 8000 pa pressure. 
Blowing system: the main trachea, spray pipe, pulse valve, PLC controller, according to the nature of dust and working environment reasonably adjust the soot cleaning cycle and pulse injection time.
Ash hopper and ash discharge part: One is direct connection discharge valve, the other is ash hopper connected the discharge valve through the conveying equipment.
Working principle
Under the action of the main power fan, the dust gas enter into the dust subside chamber through air inlet. Dust gas is blocked flow board touch attack the airflow into the hopper. At the same time, air speed is slows down. Under the inertia and weight, the coarser particles directly into the dust discharger. Other light fine dust with air adsorb on the filter bag surface, the filtered clean gas through the filter bag into the box body and outlet.
 The PPC filter main body is separated into several air tanks. There is a cylinder on each side outlet piping for lift valve. When the bag filter work after one cycle, the ash removal controller gives the signal, the first recess lift valve closed to cut off the flow of gas, enclosure of pulse valve open, with more than 0.4 Mpa compressed air into the net gas chamber, clear dust on the filter bag; When this action is completed, the lift valve to open, the chamber begin to work again, and one by one according to the above procedure complete soot cleaning action.

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