Extremely clever things on Amazon reviewers use multiple times a day — & you'll wish you knew about sooner

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Streamline your day with these nifty finds.

When it comes to daily routines, most of us don’t spend tons of time thinking about changing them. As we go through the day, we touch the same items and use the same bathroom fixtures, kitchen cabinets, and underwear drawers we used yesterday and the day before. So when something radically improves one of those high-touch areas of life, it can have an outsized effect on time management, frustration level, and mood. Paper Cup Holders

Extremely clever things on Amazon reviewers use multiple times a day — & you

That’s the idea behind these extremely clever things on Amazon that reviewers use multiple times a day. You'll wish you knew about them sooner. Whatever your particular system is, chances are there’s a clever thing here that will make it better.

Instead of jamming all your vitamins, spices, or cosmetics into a cupboard and digging around in there when you need something, set them on this three-tier shelf organizer so you can see them all at once. There are two sizes, each expanding to fit your cupboard or shelf. Choose from four color options to create the look you want.

One reviewer said: “I was able to fit: seven vitamin bottles, four cough medicine bottles, two big pill bottles, [and] 36 various-sized pill bottles. Depending on the size of the bottles, it could possibly hold a lot more.”

Give your razor a permanent home — where it can drip dry and not clutter up the counter or shower — by sticking these two razor holders to the tile or the mirror in the bathroom. The clever design also works well for hanging a facecloth, towel, bathrobe, and many other items. They come in silver or black.

One reviewer said: “Love this razor holder for my shower! It keeps my razor nice and dry so it lasts longer! Just peel off the back paper and place it in your shower and it stays in place!”

Set this car trash can in your whip and prevent the inevitable weekly (or monthly) car cleanout. Without a system trash easily lands on the floor or back seat, but with this roomy and waterproof solution hanging from the seat back or anchored to the console, you will put detritus here instead. Cleaning the car will be a matter of grabbing the trash liner and tossing it. It has a lid to hide and contain the mess and side pockets to stash in-car essentials.

One reviewer said: “This is by far the best trash can I've bought for a vehicle. I sit it on the floor directly behind the center console so I just need to reach back and put things in it without even taking my eyes off the road. It has never fallen over and holds a significant amount of trash.”

Instead of dousing your food or pan with oil — or lemon juice, soy sauce, or other condiments — spray it lightly with this oil sprayer so you can get the oil or flavor you want without overdoing it. The glass bottle lets you see what’s in it and the big button on the lid makes spraying easy on the hands — with no pumping.

One reviewer said: “I have tried many different ones and this one is the best by far! Doesn’t leak, doesn’t clog, [and] sprays evenly not in one lump spot! I love it!”

When you want to get moving, a fogged windshield is an irritant — not to mention potentially hazardous. Instead of attempting a slow and confusing experiment involving the heater and air conditioning, quickly wipe the fog away with this windshield cleaner and defogger. It’s gentle, won’t leave streaks or fingerprints, and can be used wet or dry so it’s always ready.

One reviewer said: “You know how when you’re driving down the road and you’re trying to get the thermostat set to your comfort level? You get it just right and then your windshield becomes a science project???!! Well, grab this little miracle eraser and give that foggy glass a quick swipe. Voilà! Everything is clear and stays clear! You have probably just saved your own life and possibly others as well!”

When your adorable fur baby leaves a not-so-cute patch of fur on the couch, the carpets, or your jeans, pull out this reusable pet hair remover and quickly wipe it clean. It’s quick and super effective — just roll the grippy fabric brush back and forth and it deposits the fur in the chamber in the handle. Remove the fur and throw it in the trash. This point of friction between you and your pet will be completely erased and with almost no hassle.

One reviewer said: “I have tried EVERYTHING to get the hair from my long-haired tabby cat out of my couch and chairs. I’ve bought specialized vacuum cleaners, fabric shaving products & roller ball tape. This is the ONLY product that gets the embedded hair out of my furniture!”

Stop the drafts that are coming in under your door and chances are high you’ll save money on your energy bills. This under-door draft stopper puts two inches of insulating foam in that crucial spot to block airflow, bugs, and sound from coming in under the door. Just cut the foam to fit the width of your door and slide it under the door. It opens and closes with the door for zero hassle use.

One reviewer said “My bedroom is right off my kitchen where my in-laws, who have no inside voices, like to congregate at 6 am ... This overshot my expectations for keeping most noise out.”

Snap this magnetic phone mount onto the air vents in your car, stick your phone to the magnetic base, and go. You can swivel the phone, grab it easily when you arrive at your destination, and it fits almost any dash. The mount itself is so small and portable that it’s perfect for your travel bag for use in rental cars, too.

One reviewer said: “The magnet is strong ... and the mount itself swivels on a ball joint, which allows you to angle your phone up, down, or to the sides. The vent clamp is also adjustable. Thus, if your car vents are thin, this product has you covered.”

This big pack of 20 cable clips will solve wire problems everywhere in your life. That cord in the car that’s never where you can reach it? Stick a single clip to the console or dash and contain it. The snarl of wires on your desk? The five-clip piece will hold them all. The variety of sizes will solve for every wire you need to contain.

One reviewer said: “These cable clips work great! I use them on a bedside table to hold chargers for two iPhones, a sound machine, a charger for an Echo, a charger for an iPad, and a light. The packet comes with so many that I honestly don't think I will ever need to buy more- enough to last my lifetime!”

If your favorite water bottle or coffee mug doesn’t fit in your car’s cup holder, drop this cup holder expander in there so it will. It puts a wider cup holder, with a slot for a mug handle, just above your current cup holder so you can sip safely on the road.

One reviewer said: “This fits all my cups that are too big to fit in my regular car cup holder. Even the ones with handles!”

This handy, lipstick-sized touchscreen cleaner is the perfect tool for keeping your screen clean all day. The spray bottle holds a lightly scented cleaner and the exterior of the bottle is a microfiber wipe. Just spritz a couple of times, wipe your phone with the bottle, and your phone will be spiffy clean.

One reviewer said: “My phone screen gets so dirty and this compact cleaning gadget is so useful. I can put it in my pocket to use when I am out and about. It is so convenient.”

These Swedish dishcloths are a texture that is somewhere between a sponge and a cotton cloth because they are a blend of cellulose and cotton. The result is the perfect tool for wiping surfaces, mopping up spills, and washing dishes. They are foldable, wring out dry, and hold a ton of liquid, making them the perfect, nondisposable (you can wash and reuse them) alternative for paper towels.

One reviewer said: “I love these so much better than sponges and wish I would have switched years ago. They are great for cleaning and then when they get too dirty to just rinse off, I can throw them in the washer to clean and reuse instead of throwing them away like sponges. Plus they don't get the nasty smell of dirty sponges.”

There comes a day when your hat collection exceeds your storage capacity. This cap rack will put that day off for decades. The two-pack of racks attaches securely to a door with the clever elastic strap system and holds up to 16 caps, hats, and other hard-to-store items.

One reviewer said: “It was perfect for all my boyfriend’s hats. It keeps them organized inside a closet door. No need to ask me now where his hats are!”

This clever USB power strip will keep your entire work rig charged and ready to go in very little space. Set it on your desk, toss it in your travel bag, and plug three standard plugs, three USB plugs, and one USB-C plug into a single outlet whether you are working from home, a café in Paris, the airport, or an office.

One reviewer said: “I work from home, and once a week I like to work from one of my local coffee houses so I needed something that was compact and had a long enough cord. This is perfect. I love that it has both a USB port and a USB-C port. So it’s easy to charge my phone and laptop.”

Got a door that slams into the wall and leaves a mark? This collection of six door handle stoppers will fix that. Not only will the soft and springy pads dampen the noise of that door slam, but the strong material will also prevent any further damage to the wall. Just peel and stick them to the spot where the handle hits. They come in white and clear and you can paint them so they are nearly invisible.

One reviewer said: “These really work great! After we painted our new home, I went behind every door and placed one of these “pads” behind each doorknob. No tools. No handyman.”

Toss this army knife of portable charging cables into your tech rig or daily bag, or attach it to your keyring, and you will never want for the cable your gadget calls for. It has them all. The hinged ends hide the USB-C and Lightning plugs and the whole thing magnets together into a tidy bundle that belies just how useful it is.

One reviewer said: “I've had one on my key chain for about 2 years now ... I've also had one on my EDC bag for about a year ... I started giving them out as gifts, and so far everyone has loved them.”

Take on sinus pressure and congestion with this powerful, plant-based sinus spray that taps the aromatic power of rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, mint, and juniper to help you breathe and sleep better. It starts working instantly and is free of artificial scents, colors, or chemicals.

One reviewer said: “My allergies are really bad in the spring and I spray a little of this on my mask when I mow and my pillow at night and rub a little on my temple from time to time and it helps me breathe so much easier!”

Fix all the dim, dangerous, and dank lighting situations in your house by sticking one of these three wireless LED stair lights under the cabinets, on the stair risers, and in the cabinets or closets. They are motion triggered so they turn on when you need them, and off again 30 seconds later, which means the batteries last for ages. The warm white glow is perfect for so many situations.

One reviewer said: “I so wish I had gotten these sooner! ... [They are a] great, cost-effective way to solve the problem of a dark set of stairs. Super easy to install and such a great purchase.”

Reclaim your storage space from the brooms, rakes, and other tools that eat it up. This wall-mount tool organizer goes on the back of a door, the wall of the garage, in the pantry, or wherever you have a bit of wall space to spare and holds five long-handled tools and six items that can hang from hooks. They won’t fall over and bash you in the head and you can use your closet for other things.

One reviewer said: “I finally have a place to organize brooms, dust mops, wet mops all that good stuff ... I love that it also has hooks that pull down so you can hang extra stuff on them ... If you have limited space (like I do) or just want some organization, this is the answer.”

Skip the zip ties and difficult-to-use twist ties and secure your cables — and many other things — with these clever, stretchy magnetic cable ties. Just wrap them around the cable and touch the magnets together to create a tidy bundle. They are colorful, flexible, easy to deploy, and reusable. They also work well as bookmarks, fridge magnets, and for so many other purposes.

One reviewer said: “I bought these to use for my electronics cord control. [They are] so much more useful than that. I can even [use one of] them to wrangle my wild mane. Love them!!”

Line your fridge shelves, drawers, and cupboards with these refrigerator mats and make the interior of everything brighter and easier to clean. You can cut these foam liners to fit. They offer a soft landing for everything you store in your fridge. And it’s easy to pull them out and wipe them down for a cleaner kitchen.

One reviewer said: “Not only are these really pretty in the fridge, they are super easy to take off and wipe down ... Highly recommended for some fun color and ease of cleaning in your fridge.”

Don’t let the foil, plastic wrap, and bags take over an entire drawer in your kitchen. Put them, instead, in this kitchen wrap organizer so you can see them all at once. They will consume only a small footprint in your cupboard. The shelf accommodates many shapes and sizes and has grippy feet so it stays put. It comes in white or bronze.

One reviewer said: “Perfect for holding 8-9 rolls/boxes of wrap and foil. I’m a baker, so this is very handy and definitely keeps my pantry more organized!”

Transform that messy power strip with wires snaking away from it into a tidy package with this cable management box. Just drop the power strip into the box, guide the wires through the channels in the back, and snap on the lid. That mess is gone. It makes things safer, too, since pets and children won’t be tempted to play with it.

One reviewer said: “I work from home on occasion, and my sweet one-year-old likes to keep me company ... I needed a solution to hide the power strip and contain the cords to my computer and keep that pesky power button from being switched off mid-email ... This does the trick nicely.”

Stop losing your keys, coins, and snacks in the gap between your car seat and the console by sliding this car seat gap organizer in there. It not only blocks anything from going into that chasm, but it also offers storage space for your wallet, phone, or cash for tolls. This is a two-pack to cover both front seats and it comes with foam pads to perfect the fit.

One reviewer said: “I can’t tell you the number of times I dropped fries, or my keys, etc between the seat and console. This seat gap product keeps things from falling in between and they are great for holding my phone, wallet, or anything I want to have handy.”

Do you have to remake the bed every morning because the bottom sheet slips off in the night? There is a quick and easy fix for that. These bed sheet holders clip to the sheets and go under the mattress corner to secure the sheets so you can toss and turn as much as you like and the bottom sheet will not slip off. A clever cord lock lets you tighten the straps after you clip them on so installation is easy.

One reviewer said: “I bought some really nice sheets only to find that they did not stay put. These remedied the problem. They work perfectly.”

Keep the items you often reach for handy by installing this mounted caddy on the side of the fridge, inside a cupboard, or to the wall. It hangs easily without damaging walls using the included adhesive strips, and it removes cleanly if you change your mind so there are no walls to repair. It holds four pounds so you can stash tea bags, cleaning supplies, spices, or office tools in it easily.

One reviewer said: “I stuck this to my textured wall three months ago [and] put a bunch of sticky notes and markers in it. [I] use it every day.”

You don’t need to grease your cookie sheets with cooking spray, butter, or other things that add calories and change the flavor of your creations if you have these silicone baking mats on hand. They are nonstick, flexible, easy to wash, and don’t pose a fire hazard the way parchment paper can. They even have pre-drawn templates so your cookies or macaroons are all the same size. This is a set of four, in two sizes.

One reviewer said: “These mats are great for nearly all baking uses, not just macaroons. They prevent the bottom of your food from burning on the tray. They are EXTREMELY easy to clean up, no matter how messy the food/s you are baking on them. I LOVE how perfect my muffins bake up when I use these [and] they're great when we roast veggies on them.”

This set of two oil-dispenser bottles is a delightful upgrade to your cooking area. Fill them with your favorite oils, choose from a pour spout with a lid or one with a flip top, label them (materials included), and leave them out on the cooktop. Your stir-fries will be faster, frying an egg will be more fun, and you can buy your oils in bulk without having to deal with those bulk-sized containers.

One reviewer said: “These bottles are great. We have been using ... olive oil, which comes in large containers ... These bottles even have gradations [that] make measuring spoons [and] cups unnecessary. A nice improvement.”

Banish the words, “Could you hold a light for me?” from your vocabulary with this clever magnetic pickup tool and flashlight. The telescoping arm lets you reach your light into dark nooks and crevices and its magnetic tip will grab dropped nuts, bolts, and other metal objects. The base is also magnetic so you can stick the flashlight to the hood of the car or the barbecue and see what you are doing without making someone stand around holding a light.

One reviewer said: “Got this for my husband for Father’s Day and he ... uses it all the time. Then our son thought it was pretty cool. So we got him one ... They both use theirs all the time! They say it’s a must-have!”

Take the boredom out of riding in the back seat so you don’t have to answer the eternal question, “Are we there yet?” quite so often. This back seat car organizer puts everything your riders could want — snacks, a tablet for entertainment, something to drink, and reading material or toys — in easy reach on the back of the seat in front of them. It comes in five colors to match your interior, is durable and waterproof, and attaches securely.

One reviewer said: “We purchased this organizer for a recent road trip, and it was extremely helpful! Our daughter and our dog shared the back seat, and she was able to put her water bottle, the dog's water bottle, hand wipes, snacks, dog toys, kid activities, souvenirs ... all sorts of stuff. It helped the actual seat to stay tidy because she had places to put everything.”

Rarely is a $30 product such an enormous life upgrade, but this bidet attachment is a revolution in personal hygiene. Anytime you sit on the toilet, you can also have a precise upside-down shower that cleans in ways toilet paper never can. It’s easy to install, taps the toilet’s clean source water, and sits unobtrusively under the seat until you use it. Then just turn the dial for the jet that suits you best.

One reviewer said: “[This] is an incredibly pleasant way to clean up and takes a fraction of the time it takes with regular old toilet paper ... Sooooo refreshing and effective and the cold water is surprisingly nice ... Get one, you will not regret it.”

When your skin feels itchy, allergic, sweaty, or irritated, pull out this tea tree oil body wash and take a soothing shower. It moisturizes with jojoba and coconut oil while it addresses skin problems with tea tree, eucalyptus, and peppermint oils, known for their skin-benefiting qualities. It feels cooling and leaves your skin feeling clean and tingly.

One reviewer said: “Bought [this] for my pre-teen boys who were getting that boy funk smell 24/7. We tried several brands of deodorant but by midday, they reeked. Found a ton of reviews for this so thought what the heck try one more thing. Literally day one made a difference!”

Can’t get the chewing gum out of your carpet? Or maybe there is a sticker that won’t come off your new serving dish? Try some tried-and-true Goo Gone. It works on candle wax, markers, crayons, glue, tar, gum, and much more. Just apply it and wipe away the mess — a scraper is included for the stubborn cases.

One reviewer said: “My toddler put stickers in my passenger back seat window. I tried everything to get the stickers off...! This product was amazing!!!! I put it on and let it set a bit and then used the scraper and the stickers and adhesive came right off with ease and didn’t even mess up my [window tinting]!!!”

Light your candles or fire easily — in wind or rain — with this electric candle lighter. It uses a spark of electricity to ignite the wick or paper and you never have to worry that it will run out of butane because it doesn’t use any. You just plug it in to recharge it.

One reviewer said: “So cute, so effective. I use this daily to light my candles. Flexible wand and head are small and go deep into candle holders. Holds charge well, and completely recharges in less than 1/2 hour. Have bought more for friends!”

Set this adorable crab (in red or blue) on the edge of your pot and it will hold your spoon for you. When you want to put the lid on and let out some steam, it will hold the lid up. It’s a sweet silicone utensil rest and cooking companion that is always ready to help out with its heat-resistant claws.

One reviewer said: “I needed something to hold my giant cooking chopsticks, and somehow stumbled upon this adorable boi. I had to have him!”

Before you put that pizza creation, roast, or potentially drippy casserole into the oven, put this nonstick oven protector mat on the rack below it. When your dish bubbles over, this will catch the mess so you don’t have to spend hours cleaning your oven. You can cut it to fit perfectly and it works in toaster ovens and air fryers, too.

One reviewer said: “I first ordered this in 2019 and have used it constantly on the bottom of my electric oven. I have wiped/washed this liner off many times. I HATE using oven cleaner and it is difficult to clean the bottom of the oven ... [This has] saved me a lot of time and scrubbing.”

It isn’t necessary to start every day with an archaeological dig in your underwear drawer simply because you want a pair of briefs or socks that match. This set of underwear drawer dividers gives every pair a space of its own so you can choose your intimates based on what you want rather than what’s easily grabbable. There are four bins with variously sized cells designed to fit socks, underwear, ties, or undershirts. You can use these to organize junk or desk drawers, too.

One reviewer said: “Before I had these organizers, I just threw my underwear in the drawer without even really folding them, so I would just randomly grab a pair ... But now, they are somewhat on display and organized by fit and I can consciously pick the correct underwear for the correct outfit without rummaging through the drawer!”

You can fix almost anything with this all-purpose repair putty. Broken plant pots, furniture legs, dishes, pipes, and more take only a few minutes to repair. Just knead the putty, shape it into the space that needs a fix, and wait for it to cure. It won’t shrink or crack and is resistant to water.

One reviewer said: “This stuff is amazing. I had nine things in the house that were broken, chipped, or missing pieces completely. I was not only able to fix the things that were broken, but I was even able to mold pieces for a couple of items to completely replace parts that likely landed among the dust bunnies when they initially hit the floor.”

Clear up space in your closet by hanging pants, skirts, and scarves from these space-saving hangers. Each hanger holds five pairs of pants in the same space a standard hanger requires for one. They have a horizontal mode to make getting garments onto them easy, then they shift to vertical mode for storage. This is a two-pack and they come with metal clips to secure your garments to the rods.

One reviewer said: “There is so much more closet space after utilizing these things. They are great for all types of bottoms and have transformed the look and feel of the closet.”

Stick this weekly planner to the fridge — or a filing cabinet — and get everyone on the same page when it comes to meetings and events everyone needs to know about. Skip the scheduling discussion and post that information where people can easily see it. You can use the four colored fine-tip markers to color code. And it all wipes away easily when plans change or the week is fresh.

One reviewer said: “Our family needed this. Too many school tests, after-school events, and work schedules to keep track of ... It is so nice to quickly glance at the day while making breakfast and not feel like there are so many loose ends.”

Turn your cable chaos and haphazard charging schedule into a tidy, organized charging station. The deck holds six devices, each with its own charging port (and a short cord to minimize wires). Hooks on the end hold watches and earbuds. When a gadget is ready to use, the LED light at its station turns off so there is no guesswork.

One reviewer said: “Really glad I purchased this. Keeps kid phones and various stuff and junk in one place, short cords keep things tidy, and I've had it now for quite a while and it's still perfect, no failures, all good. Buy with confidence, you'll like it.”

Those smelly sponges you have been washing dishes with will likely feel subpar after you get a whiff of these silicone kitchen scrubbers. The silicone does not absorb water so it doesn’t get that mildew smell. The rough texture gives you all the gentle scrubbing power you need — and they smell like peaches!

One reviewer said: “These are my all-time favorite sponges. They don't ever smell like wet mold like other sponges and they are extremely durable.”

In most homes, the storage area under the sink is a place of chaos. This expandable shelf will bring order to that piece of premium storage real estate. The top shelf allows for the pipes, and the shelves expand from 15 to 25 inches wide to maximize the cupboard space you have. The perforated steel allows items to dry. It comes in three colors.

One reviewer said: “Great option for storage if you have pipes, or like me, a garbage disposal unit that may get in the way ... It’s ... very sturdy and able to hold your heaviest items. It comes with two large and four small plates that can be interchanged so you can set it up specifically to your space needs.”

Keep your most-used spray bottles holstered in your kitchen or bath so you can be ready for a quick draw spot clean whenever a mess happens. This two-pack of spray bottle hangers installs with adhesive strips that are easy to put up and remove — without leaving a mark.

One reviewer said: “In a small living space, walls are important storage places. These hangers are great for getting spray bottles ... into a useful spot where they're easy to get to.”

The eight kneading nodes on this neck massager go to work on tight and stressed shoulder and neck muscles when you pull it over your shoulders and hook your hands into the loops. Let it crawl down your back to attack all the places you store tension. You can adjust the heat to get the level of spa-like treatment you need.

Extremely clever things on Amazon reviewers use multiple times a day — & you

Polyethylene Coated Paper One reviewer said: “This thing really feels good on sore muscles and especially the neck! ... I can sit there watching TV and relax instead of fidgeting. It actually helps me sit still.”