Haval P04 Teased As A Toyota Sequoia Rival From China | Carscoops

2023-04-07 20:19:01 By : Mr. Kison Wang

The Haval P04 is the SUV version of the King Kong Cannon pickup from Great Wall Motors

Great Wall Motors keeps expanding its vast SUV portfolio with the latest addition coming from Haval. The company published the first official photo of the P04 SUV, which is apparently based on the King Kong Cannon pickup. Valve Worm Gearbox

Haval P04 Teased As A Toyota Sequoia Rival From China | Carscoops

The Haval P04 is the Chinese equivalent of the Toyota Sequoia, as a mainstream full-size SUV based on a similarly-sized pick-up. The model reportedly measures 5.2 m (204.7 inches) long and has a wheelbase of around 3 m (118.1 inches). If those figures are accurate, then the P04 is slightly smaller than the King Kong Cannon which is available in standard and long versions measuring 5,365 mm (211.2 inches) and 5,635 mm (221.9 inches) respectively.

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The exterior design reveals the connection with the King Kong Cannon. The shape of the headlights, the chrome-infused grille, the bumper intakes, the bonnet, and the surfacing on the sculpted fenders look very similar but not identical to the pickup sibling. Besides the Haval emblem on the nose and the different grille pattern, the P04 is also distinguished by the round wheel arches, and of course the closed body with five doors. We don’t have photos of the interior which appears to be capable of a three-row layout.

Haval didn’t go into specifics about the SUV’s underpinnings. However, the model is most likely based on the ladder-frame architecture of the King Kong Cannon. It could also share the same powertrains, with petrol and diesel options. Local media suggest that the Haval P04 will debut with a 2.0-liter petrol engine mated to an automatic gearbox.

Haval P04 Teased As A Toyota Sequoia Rival From China | Carscoops

Ip67 Gear Operator The market launch of the Haval P04 in China is expected in the fourth quarter of 2023. This will likely be the longest model in Haval’s local range, positioned above the H-Dog, Cool Dog, Big Dog, Shenshou, H6, and H9 in terms of footrpint.