FOR-A Strengthens System Offerings through Partnership with Alfalite

2023-04-07 02:48:52 By : Mr. Steven Lo

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FOR-A expands its offering further through a strategic partnership with Alfalite, manufacturer of LED panels for screens and volumes. Initially the agreement allows FOR-A to market the screens in selected areas but the intention is that this will become a global arrangement. Led Video Display Panel

FOR-A Strengthens System Offerings through Partnership with Alfalite

Alfalite, based in Huelva, Spain and the only European manufacturer of LED panels, has unique technologies which allow it to produce 1.9mm pixel panels with 175˚ horizontal and vertical viewing angles, and very high brightness and color fidelity. The panels can be built into any size of LED wall or volume, creating virtual production and augmented reality spaces ideal for broadcast, corporate and educational applications.

“At FOR-A, we always want to understand the real requirements of our customers, and to find innovative ways of meeting them,” says Hiroaki Tanoue, senior general manager of FOR-A. “We know that our market is looking for a reliable way to get into virtual production and augmented reality, and trust FOR-A to help them through challenges. Having Alfalite on our side helps us support our customers in realizing their ambitions.”

While FOR-A is widely known as a manufacturer of a broad range of broadcast video products, it is regularly asked to provide complete systems in many markets around the world, and the ability to offer LED screens from Alfalite extends this capability. Along with other technology partnerships, it means that FOR-A will be able to deliver turnkey solutions in areas like remote presence as well as final pixel virtual production and broadcast studios.

Luis Garrido, executive director of Alfalite, adds “We are particularly proud that FOR-A has chosen Alfalite as their LED display technology partner. Our two companies share similar cultures: a commitment to design, develop and manufacture products with guaranteed quality and reliability, and we are confident that this agreement will enhance FOR-A’s offering to the market.”

FOR-A Strengthens System Offerings through Partnership with Alfalite

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